Game 9 – Post Match Report

August 8, 2022

The Wembley Stallions had managed to turn things around in the latter stages of the season. They managed to cause an upset by beating the London Hornets but were beaten by London Blitz B. A win for them at home against us would certainly put them in strong contention for the plays offs. Likewise, we had been on top of the SFC 1 East for some time, but the competition was always breathing down our necks. This game had a lot riding on it.



We kick off and the Stallions take first possession. Will sends the ball out of the back of the end zone for the touch back. The Stallions are forced to punt and it is caught up in the strong wind. We have 1st down on the Stallions yard line. However, we are unable to move the ball and go for a field goal. However, it is no good. The Stallions drive the ball again. But this time it is Chris King who gets the pick. It’s our ball on our 49 yard line. Unable to get anything going, we are force to punt. The wind takes control of the ball and launches it out of the back of the end zone for the touch back. Both offences can’t seem to connect and this looks like it will be a defensive game. Mark Womble carries the ball and manages to get a first down. Womble grinds out another much needed first down. Riv tucks and runs next to keep the drive alive. It’s first and ten on the Stallions 14 yard line. But the Stallions hold firm and Will Browning kicks the field goal for 3 points. Cats 3 – Stallions 0. the Stallions can’t reply and have to punt the ball away.


Will Browning catches the pass over the middle from Riv, getting a fresh set of downs in the process. But on the next play, the Stallions get the interception. They return the ball to our 16 yard line. Despite our defence’s best efforts, the Stallions score with a passing touchdown. The PAT is good. Cat 3 – Stallions 7. We grind the ball from our 20 to the 50 yard line. But we have to punt. The snap goes too high and sails over Chris Carters head. He manages to recover the ball but it tackled immediately on our 5 yard line. The Stallions punch it in on the ground this time. The PAT is good. Cat 3 – Stallions 14. Clayton Latimer returns the ball like a man possessed. He trucks defenders left and right and gets to the half way line. But our offence just cannot seem to connect today. Riv is sacked on 3rd and long, forcing another punt from us. But Maleek Addae is there to tackle to punt returner on their 5 yard line. Ben Bailey rips the ball from the Stallions Running Back and Callum Laing is there to drop on to the ball for the fumble recovery. But again, this possession ends with a punt. Our defence holds the Stallions, who punt the ball away. Maleek is under it. He returns the ball for 43 yards. Riv makes the pass but there’s a defensive pass interference penalty. It’s a first down on the 2 yard line for us. Clayton steps up and goes through everyone like a steam train. We go for 2, but the pass is batted down. Cats 9 – Stallions 14. Ryan Wilson sacks the Stallions QB to end the half.



The Stallions take possession from the kick off. They are able to move the ball down the field. This drive ends in another passing touchdown. The PAT is good. Cats 9 – Stallions 21. But Kayode Dennis shows his grit and determination as he tears of a massive 63 yards after catching the pass from Riv. It’s 1st down Cats on the Stallions 15 yard line. There’s another DPI penalty. 1st and 10 on the Stallions 2 yard line. Riv tucks and runs this time for the touchdown. PAT is no goo. Cats 15 – Stallions 21. The Stallions are steadily building momentum again. But Chris King intercepts another pass. But we aren’t able to capitalise on the takeaway.


The Stallions drive is hampered by penalties, resulting in 2nd and 50 on their 6 yard line. They are forced to punt the ball away. It’s another 3 and out for us. But the punt is fumbled as it is caught. Maleek is there like a shot and recovers the ball. Our drive comes to another fruitless with a turnover on downs. The Stallions maintain possession and run the clock down to close the game.


The coaches agreed that no MVPs would be nominated for this game.