Halfway Through the 2022 Season

June 5, 2022

It only seems like days ago when we were stood on a frosty field listening to Head Coach, Marco Fasulo, preparing us for the season ahead. But we have now reached the mid-point of the regular season. If the season ended today, we would be in second place of the SFC1 East Division. This would be enough to secure a berth in the play-offs and a shot at the Division 1 Championship. Let’s take a look at the journey so far.

Game 1 – Home vs London Hornets

This game was tipped by the Britball community to be the game of the week. It is often a very close contest between us and the Hornets. This game was no different. We exchanged blows in a very defensively tight contest. The final score was a reflection of this, by being only 3 points between winning and losing. The Hornets finished in the lead at 13-15. We travel to them for our next game on the 26th June.


Game 2 – Away @ Essex Spartans

This game was going to be interesting as the Spartans had played a dominant season prior to Covid-19. Would they be as dominant in Division 1? Well, the answer would be yes. Taking an early lead, we struggled to keep up. The thoughts of a second loss was devastating. But we rallied. In the 4th quarter, something changed. We scored. And scored again. And again. The final score was 25-40 and sent a message to the league; never write us off.


Game 3 – Home vs Sussex Thunder

The last time we played the Sussex Thunder was in the 2019 Quarter Final. That was a very contested game and went down to the wire. However, this game was quite the opposite. The Thunder seemed unable to keep up with our pace. Fresh from our last victory, we kept the momentum going with a huge score of 56-0. The Thunder were yet to score a single point coming into this game. At the mid-point, they are yet to win a game.


Game 4 – Home vs Wembley Stallions

The Stallions are another team that give us a good game every year without fail. They had played 3 games and kept a clean sheet through all of them. We went into this game knowing that the result could well have long standing repercussions on how the rest of the season played out. After a very tough game, we rose victorious. Much like the earlier game against the Hornets, it was a low scorer. But we won 18-14 and carried on our winning streak.


Game 5 – Home vs Essex Spartans

The Spartans have had a mixture of results, keeping them mid-table so far. The first game against them required us to dig deep and come back from a pretty one sided affair. But on our home ground, we didn’t seem to have any problem at all. We scored with only 5 plays to start things off. Our momentum from the back to back wins was clearly still with us. Despite conceding early, the Spartans did continue to fight. But it just wasn’t enough. Another burger and goose egg was the order of the day. 55-0 was the final score.


We are yet to play the London Blitz B team. Blitz B have struggled so far in Division 1. However, they have managed to get a win against the Sussex Thunder. We play the Blitz B away on the 3rd of July and again at home on the 7th August.

Our performance this year has been great. Despite a slow start with a loss and an unsatisfactory first half of game, something has changed. We have found our stride and continue to pressure for the top spot. Being a strong team is hard to achieve. But being a consistently strong team is even harder. That’s how champions are made. At this point in the season, it’s fair to expect a shot at the play-offs and Division 1 Championship. Follow us on our journey through our social media platforms. And as always, thank you for your support!