Game 3 – Post Match Report

May 2, 2022

Here’s some Cats trivia for you; this game is our 100th win at home. It’s also the 50th time we have shutout our opponents. It’s also our 14th 50 burger with a shutout win.


We last played the Sussex Thunder in 2019 in the quarter final fixture. That game ended 27 – 15 in our favour. This was definitely something that we wanted to replicate. Winning our last game had given us a much needed boost. Losing this game was simply not an option.



We couldn’t have asked for a better start. The Thunder kicked the ball deep. WR Michael Johnson was waiting underneath the ball to get running. And run he did, all the way to the other end of the field for the score. The PAT was kicked by William Brown for the extra point. Cats 7 – Thunder 0. LB Jonny Hodgson soon adds to the Thunder’s woes with a well timed blitz, tackling the RB for a big loss. However, the Thunder are able to move the ball better through the air. But they don’t get any further than the Cat’s 45 yard line and punt the ball away. QB Mark Rivett find MJ for the short pass who then skips around defenders before turning on the jets for a 65 yard touch down run. William Brown kicks again. Cats 14 – Thunder 0. The Thunder give themselves much better field position after the kick off. This time only having 50 yards to move the ball for a touch down. But again the Cats Defence stop them quickly. With the Cats back in possession, Thabiso Mpofu has the ball and makes a huge gain on the ground. RB Mark Womble grabs another 14 yards on his first run. But once again, it’s MJ who finishes the 5 play drive with another touch down. PAT is good. Cats 21 – Thunder 0. The Thunder again move the ball well. CB Gregg Prettyjohns puts paid to that with an interception. The Cats march the ball back down the field. QB Mark Rivett having to find ground with his feet, keeps the drive alive. On the next play, backup QB and WR James Horne takes the pass and runs to the outside untouched for the next touch down. But this time the PAT is no good. Cats 27 – Thunder 0.


Cats have the ball on their 33 yard line. It’s business as usual. Rivett passes into the end zone and either MJ or Ryan Smith could have caught this one. But it’s Ryan that come’s down with the ball. PAT is good. Cats 34 – Thunder 0. The Cat’s D stands firm again. The Thunder Offence seemingly struggling with consistency today. The Cat’s O gets back to work. But the Thunder manage to stop the them on the 8 yard line, 1 yard short. Kicker Willian Brown steps up again and adds to the points with a field goal. Cats 37 – Thunder 0. The Thunder are still unable to get within Cats territory. With less than 1 minute in the half, DT Jess Guthrie is able to recover the fumbled football, giving the Cats possession. This time, Rivett finds WR Kay Dennis in the middle of the field. Kay plucks the ball from the air in double coverage and dances around the third and fourth defenders and jogs the remaining distance for the score. The PAT is no good. Cats 43 – Thunder 0.



With the running clock, the Cats are expecting an early trip home. There isn’t much change for the second half. The Thunder are able to manage a few successful plays, but it’s not enough to have a successful drive. The Cats get the ball back and are looking for the 50 burger. James Horne in at QB doesn’t see an option for the pass and so tucks the ball and runs like he’s being chased by tigers. But before he can claim another score, he is rule out of bounds a handful of yards short of the goal line. But the next play, he is able to tuck and run once more and finish what he started the play before. William once again shows everyone why he is the kicker for the Cats. Cats 50 – Thunder 0.


The Cats have the ball following a fantastic return from DB Maleek Addae. James Horne still in at QB moves the ball forward. But a string of offences pushes the Cats back 15 yards. However, Horne finds WR Ben Bingham with a deep pass. Bingham is able to run untouched for the score. The PAT is no good. Cats 56 – Thunder 0. The running clock meant that the game ended by 4:30pm.


Offensive MVP – James Horne

Defensive MVP – Maleek Addae

Special Teams MVP – Craig Ndip

Game MVP – Michael Johnson


Our next game is at home against the Wembley Stallions (3-0). The Stallions have gotten off to a great start. They are yet to be scored against. Our 5 game streak against the Stallions is LWWWW. This will be a very good game to watch.