Game 1 – Home vs the London Hornets – Preview

April 9, 2022



April 2022 picks up where March 2020 left off. Just as the Britball community was preparing for the 2020 season, Covid-19 had other plans. 2021 delivered a season to keep football going. For us, it was more of extended pre-season. Having installed a new offence with new OC Steve Playford in 2020, it was finally tested out in 2021. Finishing with an 8-0 season, there was much to be celebrated. But I can assure you, we have not let that success go our heads. This weekend is when it will be tested in the fullest.

So picking back up to play a proper Division One season after 2 years away has been an interesting journey. Both sides of the ball have recruited well. Player and Coach numbers have increased. Also, without having a pre-season game (we feel like we had 8 last summer), meant that the new blood could get bedded in properly. Some new additions include LBs Clayton Latimer and Chris Carter. Both come with experience and added hot sauce on their tackles. Behind them, Maleek Addae, Tom Mann, and Gregg Prettyjohns are back to keep the secondary on lock. Up front, Cats stalwart Chris Fenton and returner (and 2021 Lineman of the Year), Jack Harness will be keeping the Hornets QB on his toes.

The Oline has had a boost from the likes of the UEA Pirates. Team GB Centre, Oli Howes returns bringing rookie James Abraham. Combined with the already experienced Oline, they are set to go. Michael Johnson, Ben Bingham, Thabiso Mpofu, and Ryan Smith have all returned, giving QB James Horne plenty of targets to aim at with the passing game. RBs Mark Womble and Andrew Rhys-Evans are both on hand to run the ball too.

The London Hornets like to play a very aggressive style of football, relying on their athleticism to make plays. And it does seem to work for them. Our record against the Hornets over the last 5 games is LLWWL. It will certainly be very interesting to see if our new offensive scheme will give us the boost needed to be more dominant against them. Not only the playbook, the new players and coaches will also be a significant factor to consider. If rumours are to be believed, the Hornets have lost quite a few of their starters to local rivals, Essex Spartans. But how true this is, we just don’t know. However, a player from the Hornets recently spoke out in an interview regarding his team’s defence. He claimed them to be in the top 5 of the whole of BAFA. A bold claim indeed. So, at least he still feels confident for the year.

Kick off for our exciting and highly anticipated, (and claimed as game of the week by the Breen Brothers), is at 2pm on Coldhams Common. All are welcome to watch and cheer us along. Parking an be found at the Abbey Leisure Complex, CB5 8NT.

We hope to see you there!