Cats Weekly Round-up – Week 9

March 2, 2022

This week, we have been getting everything up to speed. Speed is definitely the key word.

Playing a faster paced game certainly has its advantages. Quicker plays and effective use of the clock means that more opportunities can be had to score. Also, if defenders are not used to getting prepared quickly, they can be at an added disadvantage. We saw these two factors play into our hands last year. Albeit against Division 2 teams.

Our Defence had a boost with more players joining the ranks in all positions. They say that defence wins championships. Our D certainly look ready to put that to the test. With only a handful of training sessions left, the Cats D look ready to pounce.


Birthday Announcements:

#7, WR, Thabiso Mpofu, 2 years at the Cats.


Happy Birthday!


Coming Next Week:


Roster reveal

More updates ahead of Game 1