Cats Weekly Round-up – Week 8

February 28, 2022

Welcome back to another weekly round-up. We were happy to get back to practice after last week’s cancellation. The weather was perfect, allowing plenty to be done.


Special teams was the main order for this week’s training. An often overlooked part of the game, but still vitally important. We had some good success last season on special teams. But that’s no reason to no prepare for this year. With some new players joining us, it has been really good to seem them find their place and understand our playbook.


There are rumours going around for some preseason scrimmages. We don’t have much to report on that. But be sure to check in regularly on our social media for updates. The league doesn’t allow teams to post scores of scrimmages. However, we will certainly provide an overview of what happened.


Our recruitment efforts are certainly paying off with yet more rookies arriving this week for their first session at the Cats. We are always recruiting and will happily welcome players and coaches to the team. Just get in touch.


Birthday Announcements:


Coming Next Week:


Will we have a scrimmage?

What has been our focus?

Do we have even more players on our roster?