Cats Weekly Round-up – Week 7

February 20, 2022

The season start draws ever nearer as we continue to prepare. Our recruitment efforts are still paying off with rookies embedding and developing their skills. It’s never too late to join the Cats. We also wish two of our Linebackers the best of luck in their international debut in Ireland.


Our offence have been installing some new plays to add to their arsenal. Mid-week Zoom sessions have proven to be a useful tool in enabling all of our players to discuss and share ideas on how to make plays work. Each position has at least one rookie, so it has been really encouraging to see the veteran players help them with their steep learning curve. OC Steve Playford is happy with progress so far but knows that we cannot afford to rest on our laurels. He and the positional coaches on offence will continue to push for improvement wherever it can be found.


Similarly, the defence have gathered some new talent, particularly on the defensive line. As shown in the Super Bowl last week, a strong defensive line can make all the difference. We have enjoyed building a strong defensive game that compliments our fast paced offence.

Unfortunately, training was cancelled today. But we are hoping to get back to work next Sunday. Same place, same time.


Linebackers, Russ and Jonny (J5), were selected for the Principality of Sealand international football team, the Sealand Seahawks. The Principality of Sealand is a former World War two air defence platform, approximately 7 and a half miles from the Suffolk coast. In 1967, it was home to an illegal radio broadcasting operation. It was taken over by Patrick Roy Bates and declared as a Principality. However, it is not recognised as a country by any sovereign state. Mike Ireland, a well known and respected player and advocate for American Football, purchased a royal title (yes, you can do so too) and has been instrumental in helping put Sealand on the map, by creating The Sealand Seahawks. The Seahawks are in Dublin today to play the South Dublin Panthers.


The Seahawks won 42-13.

Birthday Announcements:

#24 Running Back, Mark Womble, 4 Years at the Cats.

Assistant Offensive Coordinator, QB coach, Dan Lloyd.

Happy birthday!!!

Coming Next Week:

6 weeks until game 1