Cats Weekly Round-Up – Week 5

February 6, 2022

Work continues in Cambridge. All of our sessions will be kitted from now on. This follows our approach to gradually increasing the tempo as we go.


Individual training is the bedrock of our player development. This means positional coaches getting to know their players and working with them to highlight strengths and weaknesses. But there is also an expectation that players do what they can between Sundays. This can include going to the gym, getting some cardio in, learning our playbook, watching game film etc.


Unlike rugby, American Football has unlimited substitutions. This means that instead of having 1st, 2nd, 3rd 15s etc, we have depth charts. Players will use the preseason to get stronger, smarter, and more technically sound to earn their starting spots. Being a starter and 1st string player is a huge privileged that is earned by hard work. Our coaches know exactly what they are looking for when deciding the depth chart for each game.

Birthday Announcements:

Offensive Coordinator, Steve Playford, 3 years at the Cats


#66 Offensive Lineman, Jamie Carter, 5 years at the Cats, Cats lineman of the year 2019.

Emma Jelley, Assistant GM & Treasurer, unofficial lawyer, psychologist, shoulder to cry on, font of all knowledge, and just general all round superstar on game days


Happy birthday!!


Coming next week:

It’s Super Bowl week!

New Positional Coach appointment

And more!!