Meet the Coaches: Receiver Coach, John Beckham

June 8, 2021

2021 has brought in a rush of new joiners for the Cambridgeshire Cats.

We’ve had experienced players who’ve been watching our steady rise year-on-year who have transferred in, and rookies who spent the dark days of lockdown binge-watching Hard Knocks and planning their own football careers. Another new face this year is John Beckham, Receiver Coach.
How did you get in to football?
When my best man moved out to California he had the opportunity to go to a local game, when he was explaining about the game it really piqued my interest, so I started looking more in to it and the opportunities in the UK.
How did you start coaching?
I really wanted to get involved with a team but unfortunately due to a football (soccer) injury, I’ve not been able to play so I volunteered to help out with coaching; that way I can still be a part of the game.
What’s the defining moment of your coaching career so far?
I’m just starting out on my coaching career, so probably getting my Lvl 1 qualification.
What are the most important things to you in coaching?
Safety and enjoyment for everyone involved.
What college or pro team do you support, and why?
Las Vegas Raiders – this was the team that was local to my best man and was the first team I watched. (They lost…)
Which NFL coaches do you respect and why?
John Madden. After watching a documentary on him, he got injured in his rookie year for the Eagles he used the time he was out to learn from his coaching staff which had a massive impact on his playing career and eventually his coaching career which made him one of the most recognised names in the NFL.
Favourite NFL player, past or present?
Marshawn Lynch –  AKA: Beast Mode!
What are your goals for the 2021 season?
Learn as much as I can from the other coaches and get better every day.
What are your goals in your coaching career?
Help the Cats gain promotion and help make them a dominant team in the Premiership.