Daniel Vicsik

March 25, 2019
Dan started contact football with the Bury Saints during their association process and played through to their first Premiership season.
During this time, he collected 2 undefeated championship winning season bowl victories.In the 2018 season due to relocation, Dan played for the Leicester Falcons where he collected another undefeated championship winning season and bowl victory.

After receiving several offers to play or coach with various teams, Dan decided to commit to coaching at the Cambridgeshire Cats, stating:
“The opportunity to work with a local team with years of history is an exciting and fortunate chance I couldn’t pass on.
Being my first time fully coaching a position I am thankful for the opportunity and look forward to learning as much as possible from a sideline view.
I am excited and eager to begin helping develop rookie and veteran defensive linemen during the course of the season with the goal being a championship winning team.”