Game 6 – Post Match Report

June 29, 2022



Game 6 saw us travelling to London to play the London Hornets for the return fixture. The Hornets got the upper-hand in the first game this season, giving us a close loss. Since then, the Hornets had a run of 2 more wins, before the Wembley Stallions narrowly beat them. We were still running a 4 game winning streak and fresh from a 3 week break from games.



We received the ball from kick off and got set to work immediately. QBs Mark Rivett and James Horne were not available, leaving the responsibility up to WR turned QB, Kay Dennis. Kay found MJ through the air with a 39 yard pass. In great field position, Kay then throws to Thabiso Mpofu, who runs into the end zone after catching the pass for the touch down. The point after attempt is no good. Cats 6 – Hornets 0. The Hornets field the ball deep in their territory. LB Jonny Hodgson is playing like a man possessed. Unable to move the ball, they are forced to punt it away. We didn’t have to wait long for the next score, as MJ takes the ball from Kay and runs it straight in for the second score. Again, the kick is no good as the snap doesn’t make it to the holder in time. Cats 12 – Hornets 0. Back in possession, the Hornets start to move the ball. But back to back sacks from LBs Jonny Hodgson and Dan Smith make it 3rd and a mile. We have the ball on the halfway line and this time Kay is forced out of the pocket and runs an incredible 33 yard run unopposed. With 1st and 10 in the Hornets 19 yard line, Kay find Mpofu once again for another passing touchdown. The kick is good this time. Cats 19 – Hornets 0. The Hornets are unable to move the ball again and are forced to punt. DB Maleek Addae catches the ball and returns the punt for 31 yards, giving us excellent field position. MJ and Mpofu are able to move the ball for us. But our drive is stopped on the Hornets 25 yard line.


The Hornets are forced to punt again. Maleek tears off a huge return, setting us up on the Hornets 38 yard line. Kay passes to MJ who skips past 2 defenders and finds the end zone for another score. The PAT kick is good. Cats 26 – Hornets 0. Kicker William Browning gently kicks the ball and is able to recover it just as it rolls the 10 yards needed, catching the Hornets completely by surprise. MJ catches the ball and runs down the side line looking for his 3rd touchdown. Unfortunately the Hornets Safety is able to get to MJ at the 12 yard line. Despite the great field position, we aren’t able to score and are pushed back. Following a punt, the Hornets put together a convincing drive. Fortunately, our defensive team manage to stop the Hornets before they get into a position to score. They punt the ball deep into Cats territory. Maleek manages a 15 yard return this time, giving us possession on our 20 yard line. Our offence aren’t able to get into the Hornets half this time and punt the ball back.



Hornets have the ball on the Cats 35 yard line following a solid return. They certainly look more fired up than before. The Hornets get their first score of the day through the air. They go for the 2 point attempt but the pass is incomplete. Cats 26 – Hornets 6. Back with possession, we move the ball on the ground and through the air. But on the next play, a Hornets CB undercuts the route and picks the pass. He runs it all the way in for the score. The 2 point attempt is good. Cats 26- Hornets 14. The Hornets kick off is blasted straight into the front line of the Cats return team. The ball bounces back straight into the Hornets half allowing them to recover the ball and retain possession. Two plays later and DE Callum Laing breaks through the O-line and hits the Hornets QB, forcing a fumble. DT Ryan Wilson drops to the ground and wrestles for the loose ball. Cats ball! Kay Dennis sends the ball long into the corner of the end zone for WR Ryan Smith to catch and add his name to the score sheet. The extra point is good. Cats 33 – Hornets 14.


The Hornets return the ball well. They are fired up and eager to score again, which they do on a running play. The 2 point attempt is no good. Cats 33 – Hornets 20. Our offence are stopped once again. The Hornets are definitely looking for the comeback win. They manage to run the ball well, tearing off huge gains on the ground. They finally punch the ball in to the touchdown for yet another score. The 2 point attempt is good. Cats 33 – Hornets 28. Once again, we move the ball. Another score for us will certainly secure the win. But a pass is intercepted deep into Hornets territory with 7 minutes left on that clock. The Hornets have time to march the ball back and get the winning score. After a pretty one-sided first half, the Hornets look set to execute a comeback story of the season. But veteran DB, Chris King, puts paid to all that as his leaps into the air and intercepts a long pass. There is only 3:40 minutes left in the game. We aren’t able to gain yards though, and on 3rd and long, Thabiso Mpofu breathes new life into the drive by running the ball for 38 yards. The Hornets burn a time out. On the next play, MJ runs the ball past 4 defenders and in for the touchdown. But there’s laundry on the turf as the call comes in that there was a block in the back, denying MJ’s score. It’s 1st and 10 on the Hornets 25 yard line with 1:05 on the clock. Kay takes a knee and the Hornets use their last time out. Kay kneels again and the clock runs down to zero.


Your MVPs for the day are:


Offensive MVP: Michael Johnson

Defensive MVP: Dan Smith

Special Teams MVP: Will Browning

Game MVP: Kay Dennis