Cats Weekly Round-Up – Week 10

March 13, 2022

Earlier this week, we celebrated International Women’s Day. We are proud to support women in this sport.

The glue that holds the Cats together are the awesome duo, Megan and Emma. Together, they organise fixtures, prepare game day jerseys, sort training equipment, chase the players for subs, keep on top of contracts, and many many more things. Without them, the Cats would grind to halt over night. We really appreciate them and couldn’t imagine the Cats without them!

We also have 2 women currently on our roster. Jess Guthrie and Victoria Ware have proven themselves to be powerful weapons. Playing in Women’s football just wasn’t enough for them. They are regularly in the trenches making men look foolish. We are really proud of our Queens and their ability to cause mayhem.

Birthday Announcements:

Cats GM, Megan Chamberlain!

#61, DT Chris Fenton

Happy birthday!!

Coming next week:

More preparation for Game One

Meet the team