The Cats Weekly Round-up – Week 2

January 16, 2022

Big and exciting news this week, as we have our league structure announced by BAFA. Some familiar teams and some new teams, but all a good challenge. BAFA have also advised that the fixtures should be released next week. Take a look at our run-down on the structure. Look here to see the whole of the National League structure for 2022.

Also, Andy Whiteoak has been named as the Assistant Head Coach. He will be providing support for HC Marco Fasulo alongside his duties of Defensive Coordinator. We look forward to catching up with him later!

The Preseason is off to a flying start. We have new players with a range of backgrounds and a new prospective coach on offence. More teambuilding and fitness training is in store to get us all gelling as one team. We are also seeing plenty of interest in our Youth Programme too.

As the Uniball season starts on the home-straight, we are reaching out to anyone who wishes to stay involved in American Football over the summer. As you have hopefully seen on Facebook, we have plenty of Uniball experience. This is something that we see as a strength, because whilst it’s good to have seasoned veterans and experience, it is also good to balance that out with raw talent and athletic ability. Not to mention that our coaches love developing people. Players at the start of their Football journey can certainly benefit from the calibre of coaches we are fortunate to have, and the mentoring from our veteran players too.

Birthday announcements this week:

#91 Callum O’Connor, Defensive Line, 1 Year at the Cats, also plays for the Anglia Ruskin Rhinos.

Happy Birthday!!

Coming next week:

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League fixtures for 2022…hopefully.

Meet our Running Backs Coach Ainsley Richards.